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Tis the season to Buy and Sell Real Estate!

Since many buyers and sellers just happen to hold off on real estate activity during this time of year, you can take full advantage of this unique season to buy or sell!

The truth is you can actually benefit from buying a home or listing your property between November and January.

The holidays bring out the buyers and sellers that are determined.

They need something or want to sell now, and they’re not willing to wait for Spring or Summer. Here are some buyer and seller benefits to consider…

3 Buyer and Seller Benefits to Holiday Home Shopping:

Less Competition:

If you’re buying, bidding wars tend to be less likely since there are fewer buyers. If you’re selling, chances are your property will stand out even more!

Motivated Sellers:

Holiday sellers are typically highly motivated to sell, giving you considerably leverage as a buyer. If you’re selling, new buyers are often eager to purchase before the New Year.

Decorated homes are downright appealing:

There’s no better time of the year to show off the brilliance of your home than with festive lights and holiday décor.

When you’re thinking about making a move or helping a family member move, think of us!

As your Mortgage Specialist, you’ll get the financing facts you need to help you make a happy holiday move!

Discover your options! Call today!

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