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Tired of throwing money down the drain with sky-high interest payments? Frustrated with making payments that don’t make a dent in your balance? Sick of collection agencies with zero consideration for your current financial challenges?


It’s a no-brainer! Credit card interest rates are averaging more than 21 percent, way more than mortgage rates!


Why pay 20 or even 24 percent interest on credit cards and other consumer debt when you can tap into your home equity and get a Debt Consideration loan at today’s rate!


We Can Help You Save Money!

Home values have risen, but so has card debt. Let us help you put that home equity to work for you to help pay off your consumer debt.


Ask us how to access your home equity to pay off those high interest balances with a low interest mortgage loan.


Take Back Control of Your Finances!

Cash-out Refi: Refinance and we’ll pay off your credit card balances right from the settlement table.


Restructure Your Mortgage:

When you refinance to a lower payment than you currently have, you can free up more cash to pay your bills.


Imagine paying all your bills in just ONE payment per month!

Call us today and we can help you decide which option is right for you!


Get a Convenient Cost-Saving Customized Loan!

With a debt consolidation refi, your mortgage payment covers your debts in one payment, ideally for a lower total than paying all those bills separately.


Debt consolidation can be a stress reliever. You will feel better knowing you’re in control of your money. Your credit score may even improve once you get back on track with your finances.


Don’t wait! Get the peace of mind you deserve!


Call now!

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