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While we can’t control rates, we can help you navigate the process, even in this ever-changing market!

The best part is, when it comes to your home loan, we do all the research and the legwork for you, so you don’t have to.


Keep More Cash in Your Pocket!

There are definitely ways to cut the costs of getting home financing, from helping you enhance your credit score to knowing precisely when to lock, and for how long!


As your Mortgage Specialist, we’ll review money-saving strategies to help your home equity work for you. We will simplify the process for you and will present your loan application in a favorable light.


Smart Financial Choices Put YOU in Control!

A lot of factors influence your mortgage rate.

Economic conditions (jobs, inflation, etc.) and bond market activity are among the leading factors that influence the mortgage market.


The federal Reserve’s response to all the financial market trends can impact mortgage rates as well.


Now here’s when things really hit home. The final interest rate you get on your new mortgage will be influenced by:

  • Your Credit Score: Higher scores often mean lower rates


  • Your Loan-to-value: A bigger down payment, or more home equity, can lower your rate.


  • Your Loan Term: 15-year fixed rates are lower than 20- or 30-year fixed rates. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARMs) usually start out lower than 30 year fixed-rate mortgages, however ARM are subject to change.


  • Your Property: Condos and manufactured homes have slightly higher rates


  • Your Ownership: Your primary residence will have a lower rate than an investment property.


We’ll Put Your Mind at Ease!

Even if you’re still undecided about home financing, we invite you to meet with us to explore your options.


After all, it’s to your advantage to be well informed about this important decision.


While you still have this newsletter in your hand…



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