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Updated: Sep 25, 2022

If you have kids, grandkids, or friends who are renting, READ THIS!

Renters might be in for sticker shock as rents are expected to hike even more!

So let those you know who are currently renting about our First-Time Homebuyer Programs that can possibly get them into a home of their own for about the same as rent or even lower their monthly payments!

Rising Rents? Homeownership Makes Sense!

Home prices, mortgages rates and rents continue to rise.

Now is an idea time to tell your family and friends about us.

With rental prices expected to continue to rise, renting is becoming more costly.

This makes homeownership a compelling choice!

Typically, a renter’s biggest concern’s when buying are the new monthly payments and the down payment.

However, many first-time home buyers are pleasantly surprised to discover they qualify for home financing with their current earnings and credit scores!

A favorable rental history can be used as qualifying criteria, interest rates are still low compared to historic norms, and loan programs with low down payment options are available.

It’s a Win-Win Situation for You!

Don’t forget, rising rents are good news when you’re in the market to buy rental property with a positive cash flow.

If you can, this might be a great time to tap into the equity in your home or even into your investments to land the real estate deal of a lifetime before you’re priced out of the market!

Proactive parents and grandparents are buying properties now, renting to their kids or grandkids, and then giving them the option to buy when they’ve built their credit, cash reserves and income levels.

Do it for them and for You!

Call Us Today!

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