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You love showering others with special gifts during the holidays. But you don’t like facing mounting credit card debt to make that happen.

Last year, the average amount of post-holiday debt was $1,381, according to personal financial site Magnify Money. Of those that borrowed money. 89% said they won’t be able to pay off that debt in a month.

Sure…Give Yourself Some Credit!

Credit cards aren’t all bad. You need different open credit lines to prove you can manage debt.

However, when you shop with a credit card, set a limit for holiday gifts, track your spending, and have a three-month payoff plan for your holiday debt.

Smart Spending Means Better Mortgage Financing!

Pay your bills on time and keep your credit card balances low, at least under 30% of the limit on each, so your credit score stays high.

Using credit cards responsibly is worth the effort! A good credit score helps you qualify for the best possible rates for a purchase or refinance.

Rely on us to help you save money on your next mortgage!


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