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10 Reasons TO BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS Thanksgiving

As thanksgiving approaches, take a gratitude inventory. Sometimes your disappointments are gifts in disguise!

1 Be thankful for growing older we don’t all get that chance.

2 Be thankful you can read these words; not everyone can.

3 When waiting in long lines to get your holiday groceries; be thankful you can afford them and conveniently buy them.

4 Be thankful that you can pay your bills each month.

5 If you have to get up early every morning for work, be thankful you can see another sunrise and that you have a job.

6 When you’re stuck in traffic, be thankful you have transportation and the ability to use it.

7 When the kids are unruly, be thankful you have children to love and who love you.

8 Even if your relationships aren’t all “perfect”; be grateful you have people who care about you in your life.

9 When your aging parents seem too demanding, be thankful they’re still around.

10 When you sit down with loved ones for your thanksgiving dinner, be thankful for everyone and everything that makes this gathering possible.

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